Dipping toes into a MOOC on ethics, analytics and duty of care

I’m a front line worker in community mental health, who has been working to bridge systems and intervention practices to organizational practices. Sounds pretty grand while at the same time there are lots of reasons to query my own scope of practice, knowledge when the hierarchy and silos have their very good reasons for being. Yet I see lifelong learning at the individual and collective level as being the critical ingredient to social and care systems change.

I see learning being generated through the idea of inquiry – research, evaluation, strategic directions and a sacred focus on implementation. Some kind of “the Personal is Political,” …. Personal Troubles, are Public Issues, to toss out some basic sociology. This course and Stephen Downes’ approach of use of self that seems to me seeks to reveal the process of pedagogy he uses and at the same time cheer on my own, to be known to myself. I do feel like a small child, trying to gain and find my way into the world. I do thank Mr. Downe’s, “sir” for waiving the banner to us, on the www.